Hello world!

We are now the proud owners of a major project! After a somewhat mangled closing, we procured this fine old lady, but are without electricity. We had been a little worried about a major tick infestation on the grounds, and were desperately calling around to find an aggressive lawn team. One guy finally agreed to go have a look at it. We shortly received a call from him that the lawn was already being mowed by two guys he had never seen before. Fantastic. They turned out to be an uncle-nephew team, neighbors of our amazing realtor, Gina.

Soon enough, the dumpster arrived, and we began to go through and haul out all of these people’s weird collections. (Think of trash bags full of empty bottled 1-person margaritas with snap on cups, left over from the 70’s.) The dumpster was full by the end of the day, and we had put a respectable dent on clearing the place.

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