I have a pretty amazing mental image going of what the Pisciottas must have been like. In my head, they are incredibly tan and wrinkled, and perpetually wear plaid pants and large aviator sunglasses. I say this largely due to the collections of artifacts they left behind. I believe it was mentioned earlier that we came across large trash bags full of empty 1-person cocktail bottles, alongside substantial collections of gold doilies and the like.  But for all the junk we found, there was also some serious junque..

Here are some of my favorite collections:



Pants! I’m sorry to the rest of you, but these are already betrothed to Kit Layborne..




We haven’t found any actual guns yet, but now we feel prepared to use them when we do.




“Greetings from the Kills.” Can I trade in the doilies for more of these?





Haven’t seen the creek rise high enough yet, but we’re waiting. and ready.




I told Sam it was silly of him to be running around to Home Depots for gutter stuff when we already had this.




Necessary pest control. Well, the buck lure would be more effective if we could find the guns..





This one’s a real life-saver. Since my ironing board is always set up and ready to go, switching over to cocktail hour is a real cinch.






cleaning supplies… and tire valve caps. Ever-useful.


















on the other hand, the collection I am least excited about is currently residing on our walls. Wallpaper. And lots of it. Some rooms are 3-layers deep.  See below.

and behind the faux wood panelling.... more wallpaper! I actually like this winter-scene one..

this is how we found this room. it makes me cringe and laugh at the same time.

this faux wood stuff is actually contact paper. which is totally absurd, but much easier to remove..

The top layer is already missing from this. It was faux brick.

i think this one may be the least offensive.

one of those rare satisfying moments where a big ol' sheet comes off..

this photo is a two-for-one.. that weird plastic thing is the light switch.







































swans in the bathroom









And while I’m posting an onslaught of photos, we actually have some semi-functional rooms now!So if you want to come help us peel wallpaper, you will have somewhere nice to relax when you’re through.

Living room


We’ve been here a little over 2 weeks now! Lots of progress thus far. Still working on heat and hot water. I’m ending with this. mainly as a reminder to myself…

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2 Responses to treasure….

  1. Tina Moyer says:

    Looking good you guys! I’m lovin the stove and sink in the kitchen as well as the menagerie of wall coverings you’re uncovering…. I’m not understanding the contact paper though……
    Sending you both love!

  2. britta says:

    I like some of the uncovered wallpaper!! It looks pretty dreamy. …and I love this blog. good job guys. xoxo

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