The namesake of Hanna Loretta, the kitten

It’s 6.35 AM.  I’m writing now because if I don’t do it now, I imagine I’ll never do it.  Once the day gets going, it’s hard to have the discipline to sit down and write about what’s actually happening.  Because too much is happening.  I don’t know why my concentration is best first thing in the morning, but it is.  Something about the half dark, and the quiet.  Hanna Loretta, the small black kitten keeps scaling my leg to climb into my lap.  We named her Hanna after the movie of this year (it’s a great movie, by the way, if you haven’t see it, please do:  Anyway, we want her to be a first rate mouser – a killer – and this will, once you see the movie, explain the name.

Winter Fuel?

We are making progress.  Things are getting done around here.  It’s just painfully slow, and each thing is its own first priority: Roof, gutters, grading; heat! (geothermal, oil, or propane furnace? and if one of these, insulation?  Well, of course, insulation, but what kind? (blown cellulose, batting – fiberglass or recycled denim – blown in foam?)  Of course, if you blow in insulation you cover forever, and lose important details and elements of the structure that give it character.  And then for heat delivery, forced hot air, or hot water hear, and how to retrofit hot water heat to the old house?  At this stage, plentiful firewood, a fireplace, and several sweaters may be our best way through the winter ahead.

Kitchen sink area. Note, no drain line

And all the while, there’s still no kitchen sink, hot water, working bathtub, laundry, or upstairs toilet.  This is triage.  There are small victories, though, always small victories, and it seems crucial to keep recognizing these at the end of each day the things that did happen, and what progress we did make.  Yesterday, for instance, we retrieved and brought in the guest room mattress (come visit!).  The day before, we got the drain and basin of the kitchen sink installed (now it’s just a question of installing supply

installed kitchen sink + drain. Nice hose.

lines).  Of course, until the supply lines get installed, there’s the awesome hose-through-the floor-to-sink water supply.  Of course it’s cold only, you dimwit!  It’s also got an awesome spray component that gives you a cold sporadic shower whenever you’re doing dishes.  The water heater is in, just not totally hooked up yet.

In case anyone is wondering whether Casey is a badass... she is

A well test is scheduled for today so we can make sure our water is potable.  We’ve been cooking on a stove for a couple of days now, and in the last rain, the roof didn’t leak, where it previously had.  I walked in the house yesterday and smelled… food!  Coffee, pasta, garlic, instead of old house smell.  Things are happening.

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