I didn’t just name this “Plumb Crazy.” Yes I did.

Things keep happening, and then other things keep needing to happen.
We’re in a major search for a source of heat, since we have determined that (1) our existing oil burning furnace is broken, and is (2) about as environmentally irresponsible as a home appliances can get , and (3) more expensive in terms of cost of oil than we can afford.  Even if we had a functional furnace, paying for enough oil to keep our house even nominally warm for the winter would bankrupt us.  Add that to the fact that it is forced hot air heat with not enough ducts, and those that we do have are either made of wood (wood!) or rusted through, and hey! we’re in the market for a new heating system.

Casey, shoulder deep in the main waste stack

There’s a lot of heating systems out there: propane furnace, oil furnace, hot water radiator, steam radiator, ground source heat pump (geothermal), air source heat pump, and on and on and on.  Time is of the essence, though.  Suggestions welcomed.  Whilst Casey has now spent about 12 hours researching all of the above heating options (and I’ve put in a few hours trying to figure the stuff out, myself) other progress has been made.  Sure the upstairs bathroom doesn’t really have a functional floor (it was rotted, and we had leaks in the pipes) but it does have a functional bathtub!  I took my first bath in it night before last and, may I say, it was one of the finest baths I’ve ever taken.  The day of making sure that it drained was a wonder in the world of plumbing snake technology.

Our new kitchen

Casey covered that in her previous post, but let’s just say if you don’t love and respect a woman who can insert her arm, up to the shoulder, into a waste pipe to clear a clogged branch drain, well then, you don’t know from love.

Other good news from yesterday:  The kitchen sink is basically “in,” the cookstove in place, and we ate some really delicious soup last night.  It was the better part of 2 days to get the kitchen sink nominally installed, but here it is, with the faucet (an ancient affair that I bought on eBay about a year and a half ago from a guy in central Missouri) only leaking slightly, and the drain basically working.  Fairly exciting stuff.

Come on over and wash some dishes!

I also made more progress yesterday on  gutter cleaning and repair, so that the rain we’re getting now is falling slightly less on our foundations, and being diverted somewhat better out into the yard.  While doing that, I came across this really awesome walking stick!

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One Response to I didn’t just name this “Plumb Crazy.” Yes I did.

  1. Jim Nimons says:

    Very cool blog. I will be checking you out. Thanks again for the order.
    Take care of those chickens.

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