Lost in the Medicine Cabinet.

Things have slowed down just a tad lately. I’ve been hanging out in central Jerz (Hillsborough, to be exact) with my old friends and mentors, the thugs from the New Jersey Barn Company.

Rest in Peace, Dude

We’re taking down an old converted dutch barn, and generally getting up to no good with the likes of this character:
What’s been generally awesome about this job, aside from coming meeting new friends like this guy, is that I get to take a whole bunch of stuff that would be trash, and reroute it to junque-on-the-road’s international HQ up here in Salt Point, NY.  So I’ve scored some nice, used barn doors, a whole bunch of rusty metal roofing

Dutch Barn Project in New Jersey

(which I brought up the thruway, hanging precariously off the back of my pickup) and some other wonders – panes of glass, a garden spigot, a rusty 8 pound sledge hammer head (no handle), and the list goes on.  Try not to be too jealous.

Ready for lift-off

In seriousness, though, this stuff will go to help keep our sag-backed wagon shed limp through another winter, until we can properly repair it, the price is right, and so, for the most part, is the aesthetic.  All this has meant though, that there’s been precious little time for discoveries, and blogging about them.  So I’ll go back to some photos from before – of the medicine cabinet.  This is what it looked like the day we bought the house: Boy am I glad we held on to theseand still, come to think of it, what it looks like today.  It’s a real time capsule, but not an especially old one.  Just a wilted one.  Where, you might ask, is our stuff, the stuff that actually belongs in the medicine.  Well, obviously, still in cardboard boxes.

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