Really, you painted the windows?

The view from the little old part of the house

This house is full of wackiness.  Casey’s written at some length about the wallpaper and the collected treasures, like plaid pants and swim sets.  An especially hated feature of mine is painted windowpanes.Were the former owners trying to increase security (all these thieves snooping around the woods here) or worse, were they just so lazy that they couldn’t be bothered to paint only the details of the windows, rather than just slathering a coat of oil base on both the inside and the outside?  Come on people.  I spent about an hour the other morning scraping away with a razor blade and made very minor progress.  Lame.

See any junque in here?

Last weekend saw us in one of our new favorite local junk shops, searching for junque.  Here’s what it looks like.  Pretty amazing.  We didn’t buy anything that day, but I’ll be going back today for some screw jacks, perhaps some andirons, a chipmunk hav-a-hart trap (oh yes, they’re still here and tormenting us) and other treasures.  Come visit us and we’ll check it out.

My favorite invoice

Our all-star plumber, Randy has us setup.  I was especially grateful for his handwritten invoice.  It’s a great looking object and is a reminder about where we are – he’s not that into computers.  That’s a perspective we all need a little more of.

A new basement find - while cleaning out the lab downstairs

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