Breakfast of Champions!

Aunt Deanie is visiting!  Along with mom and Bill, and Uncle Steve.  Aunt Deanie was very excited about the apple pie she

The most handsome apple pie Aunt Deanie ever made

brought, and why shouldn’t she be?  It’s a beautiful and delicious pie.  She even emailed us to let us know that it was the best pie she’d ever made – to be clear, she said it was the nicest Look at those leaves!looking pie she’dever made, since she couldn’t taste it without making it look a little less nice.  In point of fact it was one of the nicest looking pies I’ve ever seen.

I did it. And I'm not sorry, either.

I was brave enough to do my part and cut into it, and my, does it make a nice breakfast.  Delicious.

Hollow Rd. Apples

Cider Press!

Speaking of apples, we’ve got at least two apple trees.  That we’ve found.There may be more hiding out there in the brush, but for now, two. I picked all the apples off the one tree that was actually bearing fruit, and decided to make cider in the cider press Casey gave me for Christmas.  The apples are not what you’d call picturesque, but the cider tasted real good.


Bowl o' Cider

I think we’re going to need a slightly bigger press to make enough cider to share with you, when you come to see us.  But rest assured, we’re working on it.

Hillbilly Roof

Also, now that the weather is fit and fine, it’s exciting to note that all that busted up roofing I brought from the barn company, the roofing that Casey so aptly described in the hillbilly post, is now actually on the saltbox roof of the wagon shed, doing what it’s supposed to be doing – protecting what’s inside the shed from rain.  Since the roof is bigger than what I actually had, there are actually 3 different kinds of roofing panels up there, so I’ve not undone the hillbilly nature of the place.  Don’t you worry.  Since I only put about 6 nails per panel, I’ll be very interested to see if it lasts through the winter – or even, for that matter, through the fall.  We’re all about quality over here.

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