Tiny Treasures. And a Walk in the Woods…

Monday swept in with more family! This time it was the Rantanen/Baxter division, arriving on the frontier with a truckload of food and heirloom furniture. (!!) Our freezer is now so jam-packed that whenever I look in there, I have to gently remind myself that humans don’t hibernate, and that Sam might get upset if I trade in my working day for a continuum of naps and food breaks..

Bill and Lee stocking the kitchen..













Sam’s Uncle Steve came bearing gifts, as well…



A metal detector!! After some initial instruction on treasure-hunting technique, we began to walk the grounds. On our first dig, we uncovered about 7 of these guys:


You may be wondering how we found these with the Coinmaster, as worms are generally not made of metal. The answer would be: because our land is chock-full of them. You can’t drive a shovel in anywhere without a whole mess of these guys shooting out. Which is great, but also a little terrifying, as they generally seem to be at least 8-9 inches long…

we did find some old metal nails. in fact, i think there are so many nails in our yard that the Coinmaster got a little over-excited, and had to take a break. While it was resting, we decided to walk the perimeter of our land…




The first thing we came across was this old wagon, broken down on what we think may have once been a logging road.









Nobody else seemed to be terribly interested in these doo-jiggies, but I was pretty transfixed…



Another psychedelic moment with mother nature. Man, do I wish I could puff green smoke every time somebody tampered with me…



Sam pulled this tiny treasure out of the ground. It still dumps! I, in typical Aries fashion, immediately claimed it as my own and carried it around for the rest of the walk. He, in typical Sam fashion, was fairly patient with me.




Here’s the view of our house from one edge of the land. Eventually we hope to raise a barn up here.







The family. Trekkin on down to the creek..





I think Sam is just stopping to appreciate fall in this one.






Eventually we arrive at our creek. She’s looking lovely, as always..





I’m going to try real hard to remember this image the next time I have my arm down a sewage pipe.





It seems like our predecessors may have been hillbillies too. Sam says this might be a drive shaft. For something.





Once you start appreciating things, sometimes it’s hard to stop. I found myself walking around the house appreciating even more tiny treasures this morning..

A crystal from Sam’s Uncle Steve, next to a bottle Sam found in the woods, and some flowering quince from our yard.




Our plaster walls have horse hair in them! Which is pretty neat. My mom has suggested that I use Leonard’ s fur for the plaster repairs. She’s full of great ideas.







I found this patch in the floor while I was vacuuming, and I was pretty sure all the money was hiding in there.






But the Coinmaster made brutally quick work of disproving my hunch.





I guess this treasure isn’t quite as tiny as some of the others, but I’m gonna go ahead and appreciate it too. This here’s our bathroom sink. I’m not sure if you noticed, but there hasn’t been much of a saga leading up to this one. I think we might be getting better at plumbing.

Days like these make me realize how grateful I am to have taken a risk, and rambled off the beaten path of my prior daily life. It’s pretty amazing that if Sam and I have a hiccup on the homestead, I can stomp off into the woods and kick a green-puff mushroom. Or go time-warp trashpickin..

“From wonder into wonder existence opens.”

Lao Tzu

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One Response to Tiny Treasures. And a Walk in the Woods…

  1. Tina says:

    Wishin’ we could have joined them!
    Missin’ you guys!

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