Ain’ Nothin’ Gonna Breaka My Stride…

… Ain’ Nothin’ Gonna Slow Me Down, Oh No!

Sing it with me.

Another 70 degree day ahead here on the ranch.  We were thinking it would be called Owl Hollow, because of the Barred Owl we saw on one of our first days here.  Now Casey wants to call it Owl Hoot.  Which I like.  Drop us a line and let us know if you have a name that sounds nice to ya.  Casey has written at some length about our family help, but I just want to say here, hard working family has been a godsend around these parts.  Dad and Eve have already been to visit twice (Twice!).  They cut firewood, cleaned the hell out of kitchen, big room, moved in the stove, cut down trees, cleaned some of the window panes that I talked so much about hating in an earlier post (thanks Eve!)  The list goes on.  And in an aside: we’re struggling to name various rooms.  There’s “big room” (the double-wide, badly engineered room that is sagging all over the middle – floor and ceiling); “cement room” (the room with the cement floor); “kitchen” (this one is fairly self explanatory); “Casey’s Studio” (also self explanatory); “Old Part” (the old part of the house)…  You get the drift.  Anyway, it makes telling the other person where you are , as you shout across 40 feet and two stories of house, challenging.  More on this to come.
The other family assistance we’ve had (as Casey said) is Mom and Bill and Aunt Deanie

Sisters Juggernaut

and Uncle Steve.  Let me just say, if you’ve never seen two sisters scraping wallpaper, you haven’t seen much.  It’s like watching youtube video of a tsunami.  When I say they tore into it, I really mean, they tore into it.  They were convinced that they were going to find treasure in that piece of wall, which they didn’t, but it’s not for lack of trying.  Steve and Bill also tore into glass cutting, and window patching with abandon.  They also denailed the boards from our chicken coop to be.  These boards were another ground score from my days with the New Jersey Barn Company.  Incidentally, if you wanna see the progression (or maybe I should say degression, or at least dismantlement) of the barn, you can do so here.
Other things that have been happening lately: the summer kitchen (as it is currently called) is being jacked up.  And I don’t mean that in the slang sense of the word – it’s not being beaten, or robbed.  In fact, the west wall, which collapsed before we got here as a

Jacked up Summer Kitchen Ceiling

result of a rotted gutter, is being supported, and the roof, where it was starting to collapse in the middle is coming back level, thanks to some new screw jacks.  Maybe this wonderful little room will be living again one of these days after all.  Incidentally, I don’t think it was a summer kitchen (literally a different building that was used for cooking in the old – and I mean 200 years ago old – days).  If it were a cooking room, it would need a much

Screw Jack Close Up

bigger fireplace.  Anyway, I think it’s on the path to recovery.
Also I dragged an old and beautiful set of sawhorses out of the basement, and man are they picturesque.  They also came in handy, since they served to denail some of the boards I brought back from the barn demolition.  Ok.  That’s all for now.  We gotta go to the sheep and wool fair! Yeah!

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