More found around

Treasures always seem to abound here at Owl’s Hoot — and incidentally, I did hear our owl calling early this morning.  Or maybe we are her humans, and not the other way around.  Either way, we’re lucky to be serenaded by an owl.  When we were living in LA, the only

Strange iron hook in the front yard

serenade we had was a traffic or police helicopter hovering a couple of hundred feet directly over our pillows.  I’d say we’ve traded up.
Anyway, I took the trash out Monday afternoon, and as I’m coming back across the yard I ran across a real treasure.  Sticking out of one of the dead pine trees in the middle of the yard was this very picturesque iron hook.  It looks like it might have been connected to a trailer or a plow or some such thing once upon a time.   But I really like thinking about someone once leaning some implement against the tree – on the ground – then forgetting about it.  Over time, the implement gets absorbed into the tree and lifted up.  If we could figure out how many inches a tree grows in a year, we might be able to figure out how long

White pine limbs over the old house

this thing has been there.  Then again, who knows how long the tree’s been dead.  Lotta mysteries around here.  Ok, this is wild.  Apparently white pines can grow up to 4′ per year when they are “unsuppressed” – i.e. unshaded – or 6″ per year or less when suppressed.  Maybe this piece of iron ain’t so old after all.
On the topic of white pines, I was happy

Bats on the shutter

to note that we were able to remove the massive limb on one of our other living white pines, the limb that had grown over the old part of the house.  Ok, one of the limbs that had grown over the old part of the house.  We’re a little bit out of the woods on that one as snow pile-up time approaches.  Sorry about the bad pun.  It was a good day, also Monday, because it was something I’d been wanting to get done for a fairly long time.  There’s a long list of things I’d been wanting to get done for a fairly long time.  I think that list is actually growing rather than shrinking.  Now if we could only get some dang heat in here!  Although yesterday we did have a really nice dinner of pumpkin soup and eggplant parm by the fire.  That was warm by the fire and chilly everywhere else.
The final find on Monday that was pretty exciting was some more bats!  Behind the shutters on the front porch.  Four of ’em.  They were being pretty chatty back there and it made me curious.  So I unscrewed the drywall screw that someone before us used to pin

Casey and Hanna make tea

the shutter back and two bats dropped to the floor and I saw two more hanging on the back of the shutter.  I’ve got a real fascination for these little dudes (as long as they aren’t over-infesting our attic or other living spaces).  Apparently they are somewhat endangered, at least around here, and are actually quite beneficial because a single bat can eat 1500 insects in a single night’s feeding.  I just like them because I think they look so cool.  I don’t know why.  I just do.
Also Casey got a union suit!  Man she’s cute. This is her and Hanna making tea in the morning. Note the progress of metal patches on the floor behind her.  That’s intense painstaking work.  And I’m glad Casey is doing it, not me.

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One Response to More found around

  1. Jackie Dzierlenga says:

    I’m visualizing the little bats whimpering,”Please, let me in. It’s cold out herre and someone has closed up the attic.”

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