Hey Ladies! Get Funky

Casey has already welcomed the ladies, but I’d like to throw my cents in the ring.  Chickens have arrived!  4 hens and 1 player-to-be-named-later.  A chick who has yet to reveal his/her gender.  But man are these folks living in style, thanks to Casey.

Discussing the finer points of engineering

This chicken house is stylish and much lauded, in this photo by my stepdad, Bill.  Bill was a project manager for a huge multinational construction company, and when I say the he brings all of his many years of experience to bear on any project he gets involved with, I’ve made a massive understatement.  Here, I imagine, he’s discussing some of the nuances his recommendation for a reinforced poured concrete foundation curtain wall in its application for this particular chicken domicile.  He’s thorough.
The chickens have been partially named: Delphine, who chronically has something wrong with her neck, and Prince, because she looks like the pop singer of the same name.

I'm pretty sure this is Delphine

Especially with those foot feathers!  They are Americaunas (Delphine and co.) and Bantams (the white ones) for those who are chicken nerds.  Well, I imagine if you’re a chicken nerd, you already knew that.  They’ve been here about a week now and… zero eggs.  I ran into a guy at the tool store the other day who was a real chicken freak, and he bent my ear for a couple of minutes about chickens (and guinea hens) and he said that the chickens are molting right now, so they won’t be laying for awhile.  How long is awhile?  I have no idea.  Anyway, it’s cereal for breakfast for the foreseeable future.
There’ve been some other exciting developments, here at the ‘Hoot.  I went to Waterbury, CT to pick up our sawstop on Tuesday.  In case you’re wondering what a Sawstop is, check it out.  It’s a ninja tablesaw that is going to make us work safer and smarter.  Ok, safer.  I don’t think they’ve invented anything yet to make

Our Sawstop. "Some assembly required"

you work smarter, but man when they do, sign me up.  The saw is “some assembly required, which has been, well, slow going.  But so far the directions are very legible, in English, and seem to have been written by someone with a college degree.  And speaking of college degrees, we heard Dr. Jeffrey Sachs speak yesterday, on NPR, on our way home from the Salvation Army and Sarjo Nuts and Bolts, both in Poughkeepsie.  Dr. Sachs had a lot to say about many things, but in this case, it jogged my memory because he spent a long time teasing out the implications of income difference between folks who’ve been to college, and those who haven’t.  It’s a great lecture, and we’re looking forward to reading his book, The Price of CivilizationHere’sthe podcast.  Maybe we could get Dr. Sachs to come and give our chickens a good talking to.

Who doesn't love a woman with a chainsaw?

The thermometer keeps dropping.  There’s talk of snow flurries, and even, possibly, accumulation today or tonight.  Which is exciting considering the dearth of a heating system we’ve discussed at some length in other posts.  Let’s just say the wood cutting and chopping has been happening in earnest lately.  Our small Jotul that we got from craigslist may not be totally up to the task, but it’s a start.  Anything at this point that generates heat is appreciated.  It may be a good idea, as well to spend a little time closing up some holes in the wall.  There are at least 2 grapefruit-sized openings in the kitchen wall, and when you stand in front of them, the air fairly whistles through your ears.  Get on the, Sam.  I did close the storm windows, at least, and that seems to be helping, unsightly though they are from the outside, they serve a function from the inside.  And for today, function trumps aesthetics.

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