The Storm. and After the Storm. And my new Whip! yargh!

Looking back, I now realize how ironic it was that a couple of days ago, we were driving around gawking at towns that had been totally destroyed by recent flooding. Here’s a  shot  of an unfortunate street in Prattsville.

We stumbled on this while we were out looking for my 4×4 truck in the boonies.





We also passed by one of my favorite derelict buildings. Its an old hotel, and it didn’t seem to fare too well in the floods either…





Its always hard for me to keep myself in the car when I see this place. It deserves some serious trespassing.







Just another scenic Hudson Valley moment.




But nothing stops you in your tracks quite like a historically-significant autumnal snow! It amazes me that something so endlessly quiet can result in total madness. I think Sam and I agreed that it had a magical quality in the beginning, but a 2-day episode with no heat and no lights was pretty effective at chipping away at our boundless optimism.


This is how things were shaping up a few hours in. This weighted rhododendron sums up the general sentiments of all the flora in the area…





It seemed appropriate that while this was happening, I try to seal up some of the more offensive air tunnels throughout the house. I started here:

Its not a glamorous look, I’ll admit, but the plastic now spends most of its time billowing out, and holding back gusts of winter.


Notice our poor little Jotul in the foreground, sizzling away and trying to earn its keep..




I was coming up the stairs when I happened upon this dreamy scene. The camera couldn’t  expose right for the inside light and the winter scape outside, but it did pick up the holes in our wall.



The snow brightened the house up quite a bit. Its like having an enormous bounce-card outside every window.




Here are a few good snow moments. You can tell that the magic hasn’t worn off yet.



Sam having a sort of Fargo moment.


















we kid you not.






he might be the cheeriest man with a snow shovel I’ve ever seen..







This morning Leonard and I took a walk to go admire my new truck. Along the way, we stopped so Leonard could attack some melting snow that was making a hissing noise.







And to save the best news for last, here’s my new whip, Gladys!! (I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat this whole time..)


I was determined to give this truck a cool name, but Sam had to go and call her “Gladys,” and now its stuck in my head.

The ad on craigslist said that she “runs like an animal.” which is true. thus far.


We’ve made it through the first burst of winter with our sense of humor in-tact. Hopefully by round 2 we’ll have heat and a generator.


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One Response to The Storm. and After the Storm. And my new Whip! yargh!

  1. jdzierlenga says:

    How did the chickens do in the snow? Mom

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