Up in the Early Morning, Ready for Work and More

If you’ve never had your brother come to your house and cut and split a couple of wheelbarrow loads of wood for you, you really don’t know what you’re missing.  Because

This is Lloyd, at the woodpile

let me tell you, I’ve got a brother, and he is a force to be reckoned with.  When I tell you that Lloyd arrived and used all his superpowers for good, not evil (which he always does) you’d be surprised the ol’ home place here at the hoot wasn’t glowing.  In fact, it may still be.  Not only did he cut and split nearly our whole wood pile, he unloaded that 1500 pounds worth of radiators, a job which my back and I were sorely dreading.  Pun intended.  We used a very sophisticated tool: an inclined plane, also known as a ramp.  The same thing Egyptian slaves were
thought to have used to build the pyramids.  Oh yeah, we got sophistication.

Lloyd and the bested radiators

We had a blast.  We ate some burgers at the Wild Hive.  And if you come see us, we’ll take you there too.  We’ll put that meal up against anything you’re eating in TriBeCa or Silver Lake.  Seriously.  Good.  Local.  Food.  Here’s the view out the window at the VIP table, which we only scored because we ate lunch at 3 in the afternoon on Thursday.
We also went to the movies, a rare treat for all of us and ate 1.5 large popcorns with extra butter.  I was seriously happy.  That was dinner.  Popcorn is an excellent dinner, and if you’ve not dined on it recently, please do.

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