Lloyd says…

Last week we were lucky enough to be graced by a visit from Sam’s brother, Llloyd. After some preliminary inspections, he informed us that the place wasn’t nearly as trashy as we make it look on this blog. I pride myself in honest reporting, so I wanted to take this opportunity to fill you in on how very WELL the place is coming along. Allow me to give you a well-rounded tour….


Guests will no longer have to worry that I’m watching them bathe from my studio, as we’ve finally hung a “privacy” curtain. And we now have a shelf in the bathroom. For your convenience.






My studio is ready for a serious bluegrass breakdown. And some hasty wallpaper removal.





and mayhaps some painting. During one of my many free afternoons..






We were sleeping out in the yard on that busted old couch by the burn pile, but Sam finally agreed that it was cold enough for us to move inside.

This is where we sleep now.



Here’s the other half of our room. It provides fertile hunting grounds for Hanna and Leonard at night. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you, there is even a rocking chair in there.






Here is where you will be staying if you ever get your act together, and come visit us.

Sam just built this bed yesterday. He’s pretty handy, when he wants to be.



Here’s the other half of the guest bed-room. I hope you notice the flowers.  And the art. We’re sort of taking a sparse-modern approach in this room.





We got living room furniture, too!

This glass case came from our friend Michael Katz. Its the Katz case. And it locks, so don’t get any ideas about stealing our taxidermy.





Here’s more of our living room. I bet you can’t even tell that chair is broken. We fooled you, huh?

(also, please take note that these are not the same flowers you saw in another room earlier. We actually have 2 different bunches of flowers.)





You used to be able to look up from the kitchen and see whoever was in the bathroom upstairs. Well, those wonderful days are over. We done covered those holes with canvas. It has the added benefit of not letting grit drop into our food while we’re cooking. Double trouble.





Our climate control hasn’t yet worked itself out, as you may deduce from Sam’s hat. Its still chilly in here.





This here’s our clothes dryer. workin away.





And for special quick-dry needs, we have one of these.





And one of these.

Leonard is helping us with the Thanksgiving table cloth here.




Working together in the field of clothes-drying has really brought these two closer together.





Our downstairs bathroom. I guess you can’t really see the sewage smell in the photo, but this room has some projects on the line…





And what would any good home be without organization? We even have hooks here. Hooks for everything. Coats, pots, whatever your heart may fancy.






Ooh, and here is my most recent project! I pulled off the wretched green carpet from our stairs!









I hope this is sufficient in showing you that we aren’t living in squalor here. Anymore. We are actually living like very cold royalty.






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