A House Within A House.

We spend a lot of our time around here honing our sleuthing skills. I thought it might be nice to clue you in on some of our latest breakfast conversations, with the hopes that you, too, might put on your thinking caps, and figure this thing out with us. Team work.

A little while back, we noticed that behind our kitchen wall, there was a covered up wall. We found the same thing in the workshop. These walls would have been pretty paper thin, and may have been built over and at some point to allow for electrical wiring, so that our ancestors could plug in their Nintendos.



Sandwich wall.





We think the hand-hewn timber frame posts around the perimeter of the house are all original. This would tell us that the footprint of the main house has been largely unchanged since it was built. We figure that the ceiling was probably lower back in the day, and was raised up at some point, maybe when they went all victorian on us.  We also think that the second floor may have existed as only a half floor, meaning it was a mainly a space for beds. It would have had those ceilings that angle alongside the roof line, and would have been very uncomfortable for someone like Sam to do much of anything in. Lots of head-bonking.



The older section of the house has a half-floor, and it has these low-set eyebrow windows. Very colonial.





We found the same eyebrow window in our pantry, only its real high up! Maybe when the ceiling was lower, it actually sat low on the the second half-floor. Sam just told me that when he excitedly revealed this information to our friend Bob, Bob responded “Well, its no smoking gun, but I’ll look into it.” Classic.





Here’s a pretty musty photo of the cooking fireplace/chimney foundation in the basement. The foundation has two laid-stone walls, with timber lintels bridging across the top. Bob stuck his knife in one of the logs when we were down there, and to say I was concerned is something of an understatement..


Across the basement, we found evidence that a similar chimney foundation existed. You can see one remaining stone wall, and the cement pad on the floor where the other one used to be. We figure the timber bridge must have failed at some point, and the chimney came down, and was rebuilt on the outside of the house. (This doesn’t do much to assuage my concerns about the integrity of our remaining chimney.)

The shop upstairs, we think, was originally 2 rooms, divided by this chimney. The closets in the second floor bedrooms on this side of the house are way too gracious to have originally been closets, and we now know that they are the resulting space that the chimney once filled.


We have a few theories about what was going on down here, but we are very open to your input..





Here you can see where they jammed stone and cement above the original foundation wall, maybe to support the house after the chimney came down. Pretty shoddy handiwork. I keep telling Sam that his graffiti isn’t doing much for our property value, but boys will be boys….





Bob thinks this was once an enclosed room, possible used for something dairy-related. You can see the ceiling panels here. And the amazing tiny sink.




We’re not totally sure what would have been here, but you can sure see something was… maybe this was where the time-travel machine was hooked up..






Tiny sink! What are you for?! Probably had something to do with that dang time-travel machine. Either that, or butter-making.





Here is something else we don’t understand. Why is this doorway all curved?







Huh? Is that where that pesky money is hiding? Again, input invited.





Wow. Someone had a pretty keen eye for the poetry of architecture. Don’t you think the original doorway is nicely complimented by this angular newer doorway?







Its pretty crazy once you get to thinkin about it.. At some point this….






became this.







and this….






became this! (terrible photo, sorry…)





and this…..






Became this!! Threw you for a loop there, huh? sorry, i had to nerd out and throw some cat photos in…

Totally irrelevant.

I think they look like Cubans in this one.




So, give all this a few days of thought. and then, perhaps, a few more days of fervent research. and then please fill us in on all your theories. cause if there’s one important thing I’ve learned in life, its that 47 thinking-caps are better than 2..



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