Holiday Cheer!

So, to backtrack a little bit, last week I decided, in the interest of self-preservation, to leave our frozen house for a couple days. I was developing a sort of Siberian mindset, and I needed a thaw.  I went on holiday. To the big city. To visit some very dear friends, in a very warm apartment.


Sweet potato latkes happened there.





And I gleaned some real inspiration for future furniture projects… This is the new “Brooklyn chic.” I especially like that the table is held together by a piece of string with a sock over it. And that the whole thing attains balance by sitting atop a very un-balanced pile of broken old cutting boards. Kind of a nice metaphor for life, I’d say…





We also managed to fit in some real quality ladies’ time…







After the icicles had melted from my fingertips, Sam came and swooped me off to meet our very new niece, Penelope!!!







She is very smushy, and wonderful. And she has fantastic hands. Here, we were discussing the GOP candidates… she had some very strong opinions.







When we got back, I really had to make up for some lost time, so I did Sam a steady, and took care of some of the horrifying wallpaper in his office… (this is the before picture…)




Much better. We had been using these broken-down desk drawers to hold a chaotic bouquet of clamps in the shop, so I had to fabricate a replacement for that situation…




So this happened! A vast improvement.







Our neighbor, Michael, came by last week and brush-hogged our fields! We realized that the high- field is actually the larger expanse of our property. This is the lower field, where the old barn used to be. It was torn down in the 40s, and became a clay tennis court. The neighboring farmers must have been pretty inspired by our predecessor’s ability to toss work aside in favor of a nice Wednesday afternoon match over cocktails..


Here’s the upper field! Pretty majestic. The other direction faces rolling hills of forest. There’s an old stone wall that runs the length of the field, and an old wagon road on the other side. This is where I’m pushing for us to put the new barn/future workshop.




We recently got another visit from our old friends Bob, Chris, and Charley!

Don’t they look like friendly outlaws in this photo?

Bob went sifting through our deed, and we figured out who some prior owners of the house were. Before the Pisciottas, the house was owned by Edwin Rozell. His name is on an easement from when they put in electricity in 1931. (We also figured out that they did move the road in front of our house farther out some, to ease to curve. There’s a stone wall in our front yard that we think used to sit right on the road, and Sam discovered a row of catawba trees in our yard that we think also lined the side of the old road.) Another electrical easement shows an “A. Butts” as being who Edwin Rozell bought the land from. Sam just hollered from the other room “It would appear that Butts and Rozell were in cahoots!” We found some genealogical research on the Butts family online. It looks like they came from Norfolk, England and lived in the Plymouth Colony in the 1660s. In 1666 Thomas Butts bought 2 acres of land for a cow, and 10 s. in wampum. I thought that was priceless. No pun intended. We haven’t found the right descendant yet, but there were a bunch of “Butts” from this clan who ended up in Salt Point. You can rest assured that we’ll get to the bottom of it, because research is an excellent excuse to take a break from working.


I thought I’d leave you with this one. A true portrait of holiday cheer. I think they’re smiling because it’s so warm in our kitchen.

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