See the world through Carra-colored Glasses

If you haven’t met Matteo and his Auntie Carra, you’re really missing out.  Matteo belongs to Lesley and Andrea, and all four of them visited us on a recent evening late in December of last year.  Here’s Andrea, trying on one of the fine garments that came with the house (it’s a two piece suit, by the way, but we were afraid if we let him try on the pants, he might try to steal the whole ensemble):
Needless to say, a very handsome, if ill-fitting garment.  Don’t worry, we didn’t let him keep it.  You think we’d let a golden treasure like that just slip through our fingers?
Anyway, this foursome is another in the littany of awesome house guests, and Carra, bless her, took a bunch of photos of our home-project.  It’s pretty wonderful to experience your home through new eyes, so, without further ado, I invite you to do the same, compliments of Carra.  Happy New Year from the Hoot!

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