Bringin the New Year right on in..

We spent our New Years Eve by a pretty serious bonfire. Cause that’s what folks do in the country. Our friend (and realtor) Gina Fox, and her boyfriend Michael Katz (our friend, real estate lawyer, and donor of the Katz case,) had a little shin-dig with all the standard essentials: chili, booze, and of course, fire. In typical fashion, things got a little out of hand, and when we showed up, 47 minutes after the thing started, there were 3 firetrucks and a sea of flashing lights.. Pretty hard to top.


Here’s Sam being appropriately reflective after they managed to contain the 20 ft. flames.




There’s something about a New Years Day that can really make a girl want to rip up a floor. So that’s how I spent mine.



Here’s the “before” shot.






And the action shot, courtesy of Sam. I’m wearing my most trusty pair of work boots, as you can see.






Another half-way shot. I would like to take this moment to give you a piece of advice: should you ever find yourself using a crowbar around the house, please be mindful of your form, and where you’re standing in relation to the crowbar. I was not careful, and spent about 15 minutes on the floor screaming profanities and grasping my shin. But boy, was it worth it..




You might be wondering if this is, in fact, an improvement. Let Sam and I assure you that it is. A little on the dirty side, perhaps, but altogether some pretty nice wide-board flooring.








And in the process we discovered a patched section!! Can you see it?





Here’s a better view. Its only a matter of time before my mom chimes back in about the whole slave-hole thing, but we think this was probably just from where they shortened the stairs at some point, and made them steeper. It seems like they moved some doors around here, too, so we’ll know more as I keep ripping things up. What fun.

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One Response to Bringin the New Year right on in..

  1. Jackie Dzierlenga says:

    I don’t think they would put a slave hole in such an obvious place because the slave would have been found at once. However, on a more practical note, you can put a nice area rug at the foot of the stairs and cover the patched area. If you go to Turkey, that can be your project. Just save your money and plan to drink a lot of tea.

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