Dark days…

I am writing this post because sam is far too angry to write anything. Its 8:46 pm, and we are sitting in a rapidly cooling house. again. because the propane company has overlooked us on their schedule. again. needless to say, we are now more inspired than ever to charge forward with our biomass boiler scheme. in the meantime, we are sitting in our kitchen, a little dizzy from fumes, and waiting for our new air purifier to work its magic. Things have been a little… reflective… these past few days. we lost our first chicken to a hawk 2 days ago.


I will spare you the gore, and will leave you with only this image of a sad sea of little white feathers. You can rest assured, the burial service was most tasteful.



Getting on in the world of the living, we thought it time to try out the old shotgun. In case we have to do any further chicken protecting.


Sam, in typical Quaker fashion, was solemn and took absolutely no pleasure from the task. Even though it was his idea.




I was a little more excitable. Especially when I hit my mark.. (!!!) I am now a certified rabies defense sergeant. Sam is, thus far, strangely compliant in honoring my self-appointed position.






In other news, you may remember the flooring we recently ripped up? well, it has found a new purpose, and is (very slowly) en route to becoming a tall bookshelf for the living room.





In keeping with the spirit of saving and re-use, I also opted not to burn these very lovely chunks of spalted maple in our wood stove. Aren’t they nice? Just what a couple of junque collectors like us need!



And lastly, you may find this difficult to believe, but we’ve actually been getting some work done around here! like real, actual work! for money! this here’s a third of a bookshelf we’re making. It takes some real stamina to keep at it when all we want to do is go egg the Crown LP gas building..





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