My bad

Hi.  I’m feeling personally like I may have let this blog down.  There was a time I was writing here every other day or so.  Now, I’m lucky if it’s every other week.  I’m not totally sure why, but it may have something to do with the way projects are stretching out.  There are fewer aha! moments, and more argh! moments.  How do you document “argh!”?  Casey already revealed the wrapping up of the long silver burrito (AKA the flexible chimney liner) which was supposed to mark the beginning of the installation of the biomass boiler, but which bogged down when the ancient chimney was just a bit under the right diameter.  So.  We are on to plan B, which is still to be determined.  Which is fine, because it turns out that the biomass boiler is roughly twice as costly as what we expected and what we budgeted.  Yikes.  We’re working, in all of our various ways, to DIY our way into affordability.
Also, Bob’s coming tomorrow.  We’re really looking forward to doing some real theorizing into the former life of this ol’ house.  As Casey has said, she’s been a demon on the floors.  And some of the old seams and paint markings are pretty curious.  Enough to make a person wonder what was here before, and how.  Was there a knee wall on the second floor?  We’ll keep ya posted.
In other news, thanks to Skender, we’ve established that our resident owls are not Barred Owls, as we’d been told previously, but Great Horned Owls (“Bubo Virginianus” in the Latin).  Here’s a sample of what they sound like.  We haven’t seen them in a long time, but we hear them pretty regularly.
A sad/happy moment was the removal of yet another pile of scrap metal by our colleage, Bill the Scrapper.  He comes by from time to time and takes away our scrap metal.  While we’re still angling to have Jesse Bonnell come and do an artist-in-residence that will incorporate the oddities of our patio as a performance space, he will have slightly less to work with.  Sorry, Jesse.  Goodbye, Scrap Metal Pile.
Final note, the Owls Hoot Beautician’s Chair and Nail Salon is now open for business. (See below).  Prices are reasonable, the company is outstanding, and we’re at the forefront of style.

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2 Responses to My bad

  1. Tina Moyer says:

    Princess Penelope and I will be by very VERY soon to get our hair and nails ‘did’. Please pencil us into your scheduling book 🙂 *hugs*

  2. I am so happy to have been mentioned in the blog of all blogs. So sorry that I did not get up round yer parts before the heap went away. I love a good muck heap. Next time!

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