Shoals Ahead

This is what has happened since my last post:
I had a birthday, and what a birthday it was!  Casey surprised me with a little trip across the river to the Saugerties Light House bed and breakfast.  It’s a REAL light house, with a working light.  It also looks vaguely Russian to me, in the photo at the right.  It’s not Russian, but still.  It’s so cool there.  What a great gift.  I recommend giving it to your sweetie, asap.  It’s not easy to do, since there can be a bit of a waiting list, since there’s only two rooms, but if your schedule is a bit flexible, I think you can make it happen.

Here’s Casey, enjoying the view from “up there”

It would be great if you could go with your family, or friends, too, so that you know the people in the other room.  That way, you don’t have to talk to strangers over breakfast.  But, hey, even if you do have to do that, maybe you’ll meet some nice people.  Among other treats about the Lighthouse, is the 1/2 mile walk out to the point of land that it sits on, sticking out into the mighty Hudson River (if you can arrange, I suggest doing it during a nice snowshower. It’s magical).  It’s a beautiful walk, and I’m given to understand that if you time it wrong, you might not get there, high tide being what it is, and all.  It’s a really neat walk, though.  Also, the restoration that’s been perpetrated on this lovely old building, is quite thorough, and seeing the “before” photos, and everything that the Saugerties Lighthouse Preservation group had to go through to bring it back from the brink is quite inspiring, considering our own situation here at the Hoot (more on that shortly).  What else?  Coal heat!

Scrabble! I wish I had the cleverness to have come up with the play above.

Ice floes!

On our walk back to the car, we saw some raptors, and I swear, one of them was a bald eagle.  Casey’s not so sure, but I am.  Maybe I’m just hopeful, but that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

"Whatever you do don't pull up these floorboards"

As to other happenings around the Hoot, I’m going to leave them for a later post, but I’ll use this as a teaser.  Whenever Bob shows up, he cautions us what not to do, which is a lot like being told not to throw him in a briar patch.  So naturally, when we started looking into the floor in the part of the structure we lovingly call “The Old Part” where the floor had been rebuilt, and was clearly sagging, Bob said, quite sagely, don’t pull this up, unless you’re ready to open a can of worms.  Shortly after Bob left, I found myself, with a shovel and a bucket, excavating the crawl space under the floor there, where the wood floor joists were resting on, and surrounded in dirt – not a good situation, as you might imagine.  Thanks for the guidance Bob.

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