Haircuts. Journeys. Bob comes again. Sam’s Birthday. A very chicken photo shoot. And a rocker.

Sorry about that little intermission… yall folks probably thought the house burned down… well it didn’t. What did happen was that Sam decided to bring home a nice souvenir from his last trip to Los Angeles. I would have preferred a mug with the state of California on it, but he opted for a nasty virus he found on the plane instead. First Sam went down…in a bad way. Don’t get me wrong, he never stopped working or anything- but he did talk about wanting to stay in bed, which is very un-Samly. I began to think I was impervious to this nasty fate, and I’m pretty sure the “gods of sick” struck me down just to teach me a lesson about pride… anyhow, I am not as graceful about being sick as Sam is. So that accounts for about a week of sniffling silence from us, and the rest can be mostly justified by work.. tryin to make the ol’ Benjamins..

I did manage to document a few highlights of the past couple weeks…


I gave Sam 2/3’s of a pretty glamorous haircut… He has the interesting habit of thinking things look done before they actually are… or was that me? I can’t remember..





Once we were on the cusp of recovery from our shared illness, we decided it was safe to go into NYC and walk around in the freezing rain with our friend Bridget for a day. It turned out to be a bad decision, but well worth it! We stumbled upon this great sculpture swing by Marc di Suvero at a gallery in Chelsea..




ah, giant swings. this one gives me a few ideas about the fate of our very large yard..





You may remember the floor in the guest room that I was ripping up a while back with Rachel. Well, after exposing the old floor, I spent about 2-3 days pulling nails out of it, and literally scrubbing it on my hands and knees to get it passable as a site for “non-squalor” living. Some of this work was precipitated by the announcement that sage Bob was planning to return for an inspection. As I was working, Sam would occasionally wander in and shake his head and say “You know, as soon as Bob gets here, he’s just gonna want to rip that whole floor up…” The following photos were taken about 33 minutes after Bob arrived…










I guess the lesson here would be: listen to sam. sometimes.



we did find some interesting (if not horrifying) things under there…




The floor got raised up at some point. Probably to accommodate for the ensuing wonkiness after the chimney fell.

And look! Marriage marks! This is something barn people get really excited about. It’s a system of tallies for keeping track of which mortises and tenons fit together.


Bob and I got real excited about piecing together bits of an old oil sign we kept finding.





Here’s part of it. The other half is nailed to one of our floor joists. 3 cheers for industry!






We all stared at this for a while, before figuring out that what’s really going on is exactly what it looks like… The floor is cut up all crooked, because some workers were using a handsaw to take up the floor boards at some point. They had to cut along the outside of the floor joist, because skilsaws weren’t invented yet, and handsaws don’t work so well if you can’t pass all the way through what you’re cutting. After they finished whatever it was they were up to, they were like, “well, shoot. we messed the floor up so bad  we have nothing to lay it back down on!” So, naturally, they cut a real sloppy mortise a ways over from the original, and just moved the floor joist into it so the floorboards had something to  lay on. Bravo, boys! Can you hear my grimace?


Here are a few photo’s I took of Sam’s pre-birthday, nordic lighthouse adventure.












I’m sort  of impressed that I found a way to take him somewhere even colder than where we were to begin with!




The views made up somewhat for the biting chill.




And we went in Saugerties for a nice meal at Miss Lucy’s Cafe. 4 stars.






I recently had a little photo shoot with the chickens, so I thought I’d indulge you..

Remember little J.L. Curtis, who’s early identity was foggily somewhere between XX and  XY? well, the die has been cast!





Business as usual.






A nice family portrait.








scratchin around in the dirt.







Moments of calm…






…accented by furious moments of roosterhood!






Lastly, after about a year and a half, I’ve decided to make a little progress on my rocking chair. That top piece is just a scrap I picked up off the floor, so it’ll look a little less gangly when it’s done right.

Well, I hope you’re feeling a little more up-to-speed on things… The weather has been unseasonably mild, which makes for great visits…

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