Hudson Valley Light. The Baby Tick-Annihilation Army. and a Little Healthy Thriftin.

This morning I took Seneca for a spin around the yard, and we got a real dose of that infamous Hudson Valley light. Thought I’d pass a little on… (my apologies in advance for the crazy spacing… wordpress won’t let me fix it…)

























































































I’m not sure if you noticed the sizable garden in one of those yard glamor shots, but spring is here, and the garden is in! (Well, for the most part….) We’ve spent the last few days rototilling, weeding, and getting in the early crops. So far, we’ve put in lettuces, sugar snaps, beets, cabbage, scarlet flax, and blue cornflower. All the other sprouts are still in their incubators, desperately hoping to dodge the destructive paws of our rapscallion cats. Leonard and Hanna show very little respect thus far for germination. One of today’s projects will include the construction of some sort of creative deer-proof fencing for the garden.. right now, I’m thinking chicken wire, lots of hanging pie tins, and a large paper mache sculpture of a bobcat.

And speaking of germination, we have lots of new friends germinating their feathers up in Sam’s office right now. We’ve added 4 barred rock chicks, and 11 guinea keets to our clan. The guinea keets are our latest attempt at tick control. They’re supposed to eat a bug with every step they take, and they apparently especially love ticks. They also roost in the trees, which I’m strangely excited about. Conversely, we have been repeatedly warned about the guinea hen noise factor. I guess they are known to some as “the farmers’ watchdog,” largely due to the blood-curdlingly shrill cry they let out when in distress. We’ve been holding them lots in their babyhood to try ‘n reduce their reaction to stress, but thus far, it doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe I’ll post them next to my bobcat sculpture by the garden to scare the deer off..













The barred rock chicks were an impulse buy on Sam’s part. I think he’s planning for them to be allies in the bakery, which is going strong. See below:



I’m still sort of amazed at my luck at having found a  man who wakes up early to make fresh bagels in the morning..







And who can pull off the totally ridiculous hats I scrounge up in thrift stores.





Here’s the latest noteworthy thrifting find:



Don’t worry. We didn’t buy it.






But some small part of me died inside when we had to leave it there.




aaaaaaaaaand…… to finish off a serious ramble of a post, here’s your moment of Leonard zen:






































cheers. come visit us.

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  1. source says:

    Dude! This blog is awesome! How did you make it look this good !

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