Heavy Lifting, Egyptian Style: The re-Rise of the Simple Machine

We’ve been seriously slipping, or I have, I should say.  Time was there was a nearly daily blog post.  Now we’ve really achieved something if we squeezein a couple a month!  It’s true.  So sorry.  It’s just that there’s been so many activities, things falling from the sky, another chicken lost, a toilet added, the lifting of heavy objects, family visits, and on and on.
Spring is seriously springing, even though the weather is forecast in snow for this coming week.  Still!  Snow!  What a strange year.  Snow in October and in April.  But very little in the intervening time.
Anyway.  To the photos.
Here is a poor photo of our flowering quince.  Out of focus, yes, but it does give you an idea of color and profusion.
Now, for heavy lifting.  Another wonderful visit from Bob, with a sad sidebar, in which Charley, in an effort to make friends and play with Delphina, the champion chicken, gave her a shake and she expired.  RIP Delphina.  We’ll miss you, lady.
But!  Before all that went down, all our radiators went up, egyptian style – we’re talking inclined plane, pulleys, mechanical advantage, and simple machines.  See below:
That’s how you life heavy objects.
We narrowly missed buying some goats yesterday, but we’re hard on their trail.  Literally.  These goats were located in lovely northwestern connecticut.  And when I say it’s beautiful there, I mean it.  No disrespect to NY, since that’s where we live, but the mountains, glades and vistas of NW CT are like very little else we’ve seen.  Not to mention really stunning old architecture and farms.  Visit, if you can.  There’s literally a place in NW CT called Satan’s Kingdom.  No joke.  I guess it’s great for white water rafting.  And getting your trident sharpened.
We’re also in the market for a nice beat up ol’ brush hog and a wood chipper.  Will you give us yours?

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