Family Visits, and other guests who come to stay, though uninvited

No, this is not a photo of Aunt Deanie and Casey and Mom planting a tree.  It’s a photo of the 3 of them planting a fence.  A deer fence, around the garden.  It happened a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been so remiss in writing the blog that I’m just now getting around to posting it.  This was during the pre-birthday celebration and weekend for Casey that included the death of Delphina, the laying chicken, and primary girlfriend of Curtis the rooster, and other things.  Like reattaching the upstairs toilet.
Since that time, the days continue to unspool across the Hoots’ Hills, and the grass ain’t getting any shorter.  Also, spring has brought the return of our bat colony to the attic.  Oh, joy.  Actually, it is kind of joyful, because the bats should be what stands between us and a mosquito infestation.  We’ll choose the former, but sirs and madams, won’t you please take up residence outside of our attic?  Like in this nice, tiny, dead-tree-attached… box?
Apparently bats are suffering from a major scourge – white nose disease, and being wiped out nationwide (according to NPR the disease just recently crossed the mississippi barrelling west) so we’re hoping we can gently relocate our resident flying rodents.  Any suggestions?
The family really seems to be beginning to gel, with the Seneca and Hanna becoming familiars.  Here they are settin’ on the porch, keeping a watchful eye on the far fields.  They’re pretty good friends, and Seneca hasn’t tried to eat her in at least 4 hours.  No really, they’re basically immune to each others, and get along great.
Finally, here’s a teaser for our next post:  we had some other visitors recently.  Our west coast family came to say hi!!!  More photos to come.

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