Spring in the Valley

It’s here, in earnest.  Taller grass and I saw a frog hopping through it yesterday.  Those f-ing chipmunks are chirping, and probably burrowing through our foundation walls.  Deer are grazing, and we’re researching pellet guns.  The good news is, we’re completely swamped building furniture, though in a way, that’s also the bad news.  It’s hard to find time to fit everything in.  By everything, I mean eating.
We had a tragic escape of 4 guinea hens, while we were out of town, and the guinea fowl were under the care of one of our friends.  Still, the reduced flock is starting to make its characteristic sounds heard, and all they want to do is run off and get lost or eaten or hit by cars.  I can just see it in their eyes.  Well, believe you me, I’ll be fighting that tooth and nail.  I made them a temporary crappy run, so they can get some yard time, but there’s no basketball hoop or guard towers.  Also, the run is already falling apart.
On the good news, somebody is doing some good around here:

Weeding. Or planting Chard. I’m not sure which.

If I play my cards right, maybe I’ll get to eat some vegetables.  We’re just calculating the path of the sun over the yard to make sure there will be enough after the trees all leaf out.

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