Cards Played Right

I’m here to report, I must have done something right.  As I said in my last post, I had a fighting chance of eating some home grown vegetation if I didn’t mess up.  Well, here’s the proof:Mixed greens, tasty and nutritious.  The ruler isn’t there for scale, it’s just that, for some reason, it got captured in the photo.
Also, this morning, we had some visitors.  I thought something might be wrong with the guinea fowl, recently liberated into the wider world.  I had a look, and everything seemed fine over that way, but then I heard this strange call from the front yard, and when we looked out the window out there, found these folks:
Morning Visitors
Finally, Casey has discovered the joys of mowing.  Please enjoy the following montage.
With love, from The Hoot.

If you want to see this mowing in action, please do so here.
There’s been a lot written, in this publication, about how much work there is to do here.  It’s true, there is.  But sometimes, work pays off, and you can just sit on a nice plastic folding chaise, in the middle of a freshly mowed field, get the sunset on your face, and admire your handiwork.  We call this “sittin’ in the lap of luxury,” and it’s pictured below.
You’ll notice, the chair is empty, because there’s not time for us to sit in it.  But rest assured, when you arrive, this is where you’ll be.  And this is what you’ll be seeing:
and this:
With love, from The Hoot.

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