Whatever Happened to Uncle Turnip?

We might have found a human jawbone buried in the dirt under the small old part of our house.  No kidding!  I had to put it out on the blog because I need some confirmation.  Photos below, but please advise.Dentists, please sound off.  I decided if it is human, clearly it’s a jawbone from Uncle Turnip who disappeared way back when.  Hence the name of the post.
That’s just the beginning of the ’round The Hoot happenings.
In that same excavation area we turned up a ceramic pipe bowl.  The stem’s gone but the bowl is very complete.  Apparently this is not quite so exciting as I’d initially thought, unless you can date it as very old-timey.  Without my radio-carbon dating kit, however, we’re kind of up the creek.  Bob K., any ideas on this?  Some of what my cursory internet research reveals is that newer pipes had very consistent wall thicknesses, and larger holes for the stem (I guess as tobacco got more common, and cheaper you could stand to allow more smoke through.)  So the smaller the hole and the more irregular the wall thicknesses, the older the piece.  Apparently clay pipes have been around a very long time – in the Americas from the 1600s right up through the 20th century.  So finding the pipe doesn’t help us date the age of the house very well.  But the pipe and jawbone together – wow!  Uncle Steve, this might be an area for your expertise.  We’ve been waving the metal detector around back there, but so far no metal has turned up.  We’re hoping for gold doubloons, and you can rest assured if we find any we won’t be putting it out on this blog.  Hard to know what sort of person might be reading.  Suspicious lot, you are.
In other news, some really wonderful things have come into bloom: Lee’s Mock Oranges smell amazing, and the only shame is that the internet hasn’t yet figured out how to record and share smells:
Also, I think these are spring beauties, but I can’t say for certain.  I found them down while mowing along the road.  Don’t worry.  I didn’t mow them down:
Also, that mowing was enabled by the generosity of my cousin Ross, who’s lent us his old sickle bar mower.  I’m getting the hang of it.  Slowly:
Finally, before parting for a day of wackiness, here’s our latest poultry addition.  A gent and two ladies.  East Indie Bantam ducks.  We love them quite a bit.  Casey has named one of the ladies Sylvie.  They’re lovely.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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One Response to Whatever Happened to Uncle Turnip?

  1. First, send these pictures to Laura Davies-Ludlow. If she doesn’t have an answer, she could pass them around to folks at UNC dental school. Second, what ever happened to white ducks? Y’all never get plain anything! Your chickens don’t look like chickens and now your ducks are funny.
    The only ordinary critters you have are the cats and dog. Although, really, no one would call Leonard ordinary.

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