The big kitchen overhaul.

A warning: Many of you are going to groan when you read this post.


You might look at this photo and say “Well isn’t that a perfectly usable kitchen floor. Good thing you guys have something cohesive and easy to clean while you wreak havoc on the rest of the house.”






You might gaze at this photo in mild appreciation of drop ceilings everywhere in the world, accented by off-centered lighting fixtures, and randomly leaning 2×4’s….



Well, what you may not realize is that these things have been haunting me in my sleep. And time is running out on our dumpster. All the folks we know who have ever fixed up an old house have wisely advised us to not rip into anything until we are totally ready to handle the entire project. Those people may want to take this opportunity to close their eyes and stick a couple fingers in their ears…


You ought to be reassured to know that we did do a tester area first. This is after we ripped the drywall ceiling down in the entryway. I’m loving this gray-painted plaster. It looks like an I-talian fresco.






Bid your fond farewells to this endearingly ripped, and probable asbestos-laden flooring. I can’t say this came a moment too soon…






We’ve traded it in for some of Willy Wonka’s factory flooring.







The entryway now accurately sets the tone for the rest of the house.






I think Sam is fully absorbing the consequences of our decision.








We have a real knack for bringing down ceilings quickly.






Voila! Now we just have to move the light fixture back to where it was before our priors instituted their psychedelic-70’s kitchen design…





Here’s a nice lunch-time shot.







Next, of course, we took to the floors.

Mom, before you call me in a total wedding-related panic, we’re planning to cut down the bad floorboards today so they fit together real nice-like. No more gaps for your chair-leg to fall through…

They might even get a coat of paint…



Ok. now you can take a breather, and check out our new hens! I love how menacing they look. They sort of look like characters from a J.R.R Tolkien novel, if all the characters were chickens.  chicken warriors. Hens of darkness..





Our sleepy sunflowers are finally greeting the world!







Alongside all of our good bug blooms!







All of our chicken readers will be pleased to know that the amaranth is finally coming in. In a couple weeks, our chicken buffet should be officially open.






While I was mowing, I found this renegade cheese punkin growing outside the fence. Very sneaky indeed.







We also have a pretty sizable volunteer squash plant coming out of our compost pile. Sam’s mom’s cousin Bob (bestower of the hens of darkness,) says you can gauge your planting by when all the volunteers spring up. Volunteers only come around when conditions are right for good growing. See? We’re picking up farmer wisdom all the dang time! Yow.



I’m really admiring this plant lately. Actually, I think it might be my favorite thing that I’ve planted. I can’t remember what it is though. I’ll have to flip through the old seed pack pile when I get a minute. It makes me think of calculus, and Fibonacci numbers. It has a very mathy look about it.




Also, we grew this hilarious corn.

It may look a little bonkers, but it tastes real good. I had three ears for desert last night. And I don’t even really like corn. That’s how delectable it is.





Ok, now that you’re good and relaxed, I’ll throw one more snowball at you..

Remember this terrible doorway? We had almost forgotten about it, but then the dumpster reminded us..

















Here’s part of our lovely brick chimney peeking through. And you can see the wooden beam that the old kitchen mantel was attached to. We can also see in the floor where the old hearth was. I started to get really excited about a nice big kitchen hearth and fireplace. Sam was equally excited, but put his foot down when I wanted to tear the whole wall down. And for once, I listened.



And here’s your moment of zen:


A lovely patch of old kitchen wallpaper that was hiding behind the fridge.



Also, here’s a good one. we’ve got this covered.

“Architecture can’t fully represent the chaos and turmoil that are part of the human personality, but you need to put some of that turmoil into the architecture, or it isn’t real. ”

Frank Stella
















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3 Responses to The big kitchen overhaul.

  1. Sam Moyer says:

    If it looks like I’m holding a lightsabre in that one photo… I am.

  2. Donna Dz says:

    Scabiosa Stellata, also known as starflower! You can dry the seedheads and use them in winter arrangements.

  3. caseydz says:

    Ahhhh! Thank you, DJ! starflower rings a bell…

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