This is going to be quick

Because believe me, things are starting to go at warp speed around here!  This is going to be mainly a photo update.  We poured a new foundation wall out in the old part!  (Bob calls it a “grade beam”).  Basically a concrete foundation wall that sits on top of the existing (in this case) stone foundation wall.  It replaced the sill, which was completely rotted, and gives us the opportunity to repair the bottoms of the posts and studs, which were rotted too, so that when we lower the jacks, this ol’ part of our house will once again be sitting on solid rock.  So to speak.  We got some great help from an awesome mason, named Mario.  To the photos:

This is before any concrete or concrete prep happened.  This is when we’d pulled off the asbestos siding, and begun to clean the top of the stone wall, in preparation for building the form.  Also, at this point, I’d cut back most studs and posts.  Like this, sort of:
This is my note to myself, prior to cutting the bottom of this post off, so that I know what the overall height of the wall is supposed to be, when all is said and done.  ‘Nother words, I made a mark on the post, measured down from my mark to the haunch of the tenon (the part of the bottom of the post that was actually meant to sit on the top of the sill plate) then cut the post of below my mark to make sure that the concrete could reach everywhere it was supposed to, and to get rid of some of the soft rot in the bottom of the post.  This way, when we rebuild the bottom of the wall, we know how much to add to the bottom of each post and stud.End of the first day… one side of the form in place.Wet concrete!
Skipping ahead, a little bit here, this is the form, duly leveled, tied together, and reinforced with big stones.  The form, you’ll note, has also been filled with concrete.  It has vents made of pvc pipe buried within it, along with rebar.  The whole process of making the form, getting it set in place, and pouring the concrete took 2 days, altogether.  Firestorm!
Note also, the old cedar shake siding.  We think that’s the old layer of siding on the this part of the house.
More to come… we still got that heating system to get in place… and… we got some new livestock, and built transpo and storage for them out of Casey’s old pallet collection.  Stay tuned!

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