Letters from the front; A dispatch from our correspondent

Turf battle in the barnyard; Carnage in aftermath; Culprits apprehended.

barn yard turf battle
as reported by Lenard for the hollow road intelengser

it was a quiet afternoone down in the hollow and then all hell broke loose; according to an extensive interview withe Seneca the watchdog who watched the whole event unfold from the safety of her newly dug hole. it all started when Lilly let walter her consort loose from his tether. using her hoves to cleverly manipulate Walters snap and remove it from the cable. upon  gaining his freedom the two of them immediately headed for the quiet and unsuspecting chickens village. the ducks were the first to sound the alarm, quacking loudly and rapidly. Rudyard and his guinea hen mafia came rushing in attempting to blunt the attack, but were brushed aside by the onrush of the 2 determined goats. Rudyard and his gang dropped back to regroup. by now chickens were rushing from all directions attacking piecemeal withe the goats repelling them handily. withe the goats in control of the hen houses, food and water the birds managed to mount another disjointed attack to regain their lost compound, but to no avail. meanwile lilly and consort walter proceeded to pillage , eating all the chickens food theay could find and cleaning out the round feeder! fortinately the lid was on the big food can. they were getting ready to butt the the hell out of the food can and force their way in when the chickens mounted a unified attack. led by rudyard and his gang, the chickens finally came together to make a determined attack to take back their piece of the barn yard. “i was amazed at the ferocity of the chickens attack” stated eye witness senica “they went in in waves the carnage was appalling , the swalking ,grunting and braying was defining”. but when the dust settled the goats still held the field. then theay started to loot and pillage the hen house moving the shutter and the perch and making a general mess of things. uncle bob who came on the seine late said “at this point i hear the squawking and notice W&L are not on the hill where i left them but trying to escape the seine”. their escape was thwarted by Walters chain being wrapped around a rock Lilly was trying to get him free when they were apprehended. they are now in the hollow road lock up awaiting trial on Monday. justice is swift here in the hollow! according to witnesses the white goat called lilly seemed to be the brains behind the attack on the law abiding chickens withe walter following her lead. senica commented that “they were like bonnie and clide, just coldblooded”. it was recalled that ” Lilly was down looking around and sampling the chicken feed yesterday but was chased away by uncle bob!” recalled Hanna “she was casing out the place i’m sure of it”. there are counselors available for any chickens who feel traumatized. there is fear that the events of the day may effect egg production, lets hope not. the goats did not express any remorse for their actions and the mayhem they caused. dam goats!

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3 Responses to Letters from the front; A dispatch from our correspondent

  1. jdzierlenga says:

    This is a very healthy sign. This is the kindof thing sign usually does at 6:30 in the morning. Love

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Nadine Baxter says:

    OMG! This is a classic tale. I see a children’s book in the making! LOL

  3. Tina says:

    If you do turn this into a children’s book, please keep the spelling EXACTLY how it’s written. It makes the tale THAT MUCH MORE amazing. xoxo

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