Concrete Christmas

As usual things around here are moving at a fairly fast and furious clip.  Also in about 10 directions simultaneously.  I keep being reminded of that classic Tom Waits song, Tom Traubert’s Blues, “No one speaks English, and everything’s broken/ And my stacks are soaking wet.”  I mean seriously.  Have you ever tried carrying on a coherent conversation with a goat?  They just don’t listen.  Not to mention, all I think about these days is what I have to fix, and also, what I have to fix so I can fix the thing I really need to fix, and by the way, I’ll also need to repair the tool (which, incidentally, I can’t find) to fix the thing I need to work on the thing I really need to fix.  I think you can see the pattern, here.  Also, final coda, all our carefully stacked piles of firewood, yeah, they’re soaking wet.  You might almost think Mr. Waits had written this lyric about us, specifically.  Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of firewood stacked and dry in the basement.  So that’s one concern allayed.  Also, the other night, Casey told me that being in our downstairs bathroom is a lot like being in an outdoor privy.  As I stood in that room and heard the cold wind whistling, I realized she was right.  Gotta fix that.
photoProgress is being made, however.  Thanks again to the ceaseless and wildly generous ministrations of our resident rigger, lifter, digger and planner, Bob, we had a visit from the Stickles concrete truck yesterday, and poured just shy of 3 yards of the gray and lovely into the handsome form which Bob made.  The form only cracked in 2 places, so the footer will have a bit of waviness to it, but it will do the job.  We’re just a few short steps away from having our little old ell set back down on its pins, piratical, if you will, on its peg legs.  It was a fast 3 hour day yesterday the culmination of weeks and months of work and planning.  We are making progress, Mr. Waits, just slowly, that’s all.
Finally, not sure if you’ve ever seen a Christmas elf, but in case you haven’t, the Hoot’s first Christmas tree is in.  The cats are really enjoying it, and it lends a needed air of festivity to our interior.  Little full.  Lotta sap.  Here are tree and elf:
IMG_3811Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays from The Hoot!

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