A Lever Long Enough

Archimedes supposedly once said the words above.  I know my Dad said them many times during my growing up years.  The full quote of course is “Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I will move the world.”  I guess nobody was around with a camera phone when he said it, because there are no youtube videos of Archimedes giving the exact quote.  So don’t get too angry at me if the quote isn’t exactly right.  Still, the point is well taken.  An illustration of the power of yet another ingenious simple machine.  Lever, fulcrum, force.
IMG_3909There they are, illustrated in my project of yesterday: pulling the last of the concrete footing forms off the new footing.
Ok, next.  Sorry, Bob.  Part of the reason I needed the long lever (yes, it’s an 8 foot four by four) is because it been at least a month since the concrete was even poured.  The whole time I was working, I heard Bob’s voice in my head, chiding me that I’d waited so long to remove the forms.  As you may know, Bob is our bottomless source of knowledge, creativity, info and instruction on this project.  As he’s fond of saying, if we had asked his opinion in the first place, he would have counseled us never to buy this house.  But bless him, in spite of that, he’s still helped us with all sorts of projects.  And in this particular case, we were supposed to take the forms off after a week, not a month.  So I say again, sorry Bob.  As I’m sure he’s noting to himself right now, those forms were hard to get out of there.  The big lever sure helped.  I marvel, over and over again, how little different are the tools we use from the tools used by the people who built this house.  Certain things seem to barely change, especially the really smart ones.
You’ll note in the following photo, the footing, without the form around it.  Looks pretty nice, I think.  Each day, bits of progress:

IMG_3910One other small bit of progress:  We anticipate that our wood-fired boiler will be fully operational, just in time for spring.  Ironic, isn’t it?  To that end, I’ve brought the heat storage tank along a little bit further.  We’re a pond liner away from being ready to fill it with water.  Please leave your floating lounge chairs at home.
IMG_3901Best regards from The Hoot.  Hope to see you up here real soon.

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1 Response to A Lever Long Enough

  1. Paul says:

    Nice job, Son!
    You also recently had the advantage provide by a block and tackle…some I have been using to good effect recently to…more specifically a sting of pulleys strung together to multiply your force. Of course, a pulley is just a simple application of a lever as well…just looks differnet.
    Your Dad

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