The Garden Grows. And the Caveat FoxTrot.

Many of you may have heard, but we had a visit from a very, very, very large, and rather well-fed looking fox. I was in the garden when I saw one guinea hen shoot past, and had just begun to think it strange when I saw the gleeful predator, right on its tailfeathers. Anyone who’s seen a fox before will probably understand that rather than going into immediate combat mode, I was sort of filled with awe and wonder. I stood up, screamed “WHoa!” at which point Fantastic Mr. Fox went “oh sh*t!” and seamlessly bounded back into the woods. When I filled Sam in on the details, he somehow managed to track the perpetrator down in the woods long enough to have a meaningful stare-down. We lost 4 guinea hens, which was a bit of a wake up call. So all our fowl spent a few days indoors while I set to work building some protective runs.



Here are the ducks in their new duck tractor.. complete with diving board! who could ask for more?





My mother will be pleased to know that the chicken shaque has managed to get even more hillbilly, and just in time for the wedding!




We now have a total of 3 roosters. Which is generally thought to be 2 too many. My mom has been giving us a lot of grief for not being “real farmers,” and for burying our chickens when they die. I’m thinking of asking her to help me butcher El Grande (far left) on her upcoming trip, to make things a little more comfortable for Curtis, our OG rooster. (far right.) Coq au Vin dinner at the Hoot, anyone?


This evening, I noticed our first squash blossoms! This makes me very excited. In CA, Sam and I would hit up the summer farmers’ market and buy a bunch of these, stuff them with goat cheese, and dip them in a cornmeal batter and fry them. There is no adjective that appropriately captures the taste sensation..




I’m sort of a new gardener, but I must say that zucchini is a very satisfying thing to grow, mainly due to its sheer size. It also seems to pretty much take care of itself, which helps.






The sugar snaps are also doin great! I spent a few obsessive mornings out there smashing aphid nurseries that had taken up residence on their leaves, but now they’ve taken over fending for themselves.







Our asian greens have bolted, but they’re sort of nice in flower, so we’re just leaving them.





Here’s the bloom of some anonymous green. It sort of looks like an antique flower to me. if such a thing were to exist…







Nasties and blacktail watermelon, still building up steam..







We’ve been working on some companion planting, to stave off pests naturally. Here’s a little neighborhood of tomato, parsley, nasties, and dill… I don’t want to jinx myself, but so far, so good!






Sam’s a big salsa verde guy, so I planted some tomatillos for him.







rainbow chard!







This kale is the best I’ve ever had. It has the tenderness of lettuce, and the flavor of kale. You always hear that garden veggies are better than store bought.. well, its true.






And these onions were planted by Lee and Deanie! I’ve been letting the clover creep in because it’s supposed to attract beneficial insects.




Now these here are my pride and joy. Our soon-to-be award-winning cheese punkins. Great for pies. Get ready, Thanksgiving. Sam’s chosen “little cheese pumpkin” as a new pet name for me… I might be honored. but i’m not sure yet.





these are some very spicy mustard greens.







Alongside some turnips, and some very spicy arugula.








I have great visions of this being a very spicy ancho pepper plant, though right now, it just looks a little uneasy.







Needless to say, these guys have been enjoying the garden more than we have. Sometimes I go out there with some chopsticks and try to hurdle as many as I can into Kingdom Come. They always find their way back. They do make a decent duck snack.



Pleasant garden evening.





I will leave you with this image of Prince Quaalude sitting on some eggs. Tawny is standing by, as always, for emotional support. The eggs are warm, but a little overdue, so there’s a chance they’re duds. For a week or so, I kept finding them stashed all over the house. Sam was insistent that it was part of the process, they had to be abandoned behind a mirror before the hen sat on them, but I’m not totally convinced.. In the grand scheme of things, it would be sort of appropriate for this chicken to be sitting on dud eggs. Still, a tender moment for you to enjoy.





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